Welcome to the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps!

We’re over-the-moon excited and grateful to be working with California Volunteers on its brand new #CaliforniansForAll College Corps initiative!

The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps will help create debt-free pathways to college while engaging students across the state in solving problems in their communities.

This first of its kind initiative is being launched in partnership with California colleges and universities.  The 45 partner campuses for College Corps can be found here, a number of which already use the Impact Suite in other initiatives.  Over the next two years these partner campuses will deploy 6,500 College Corps Fellows to tackle statewide challenges in the areas of K-12 Education, Climate Action, and Food Insecurity.  (6,500 is roughly the size of the entire Peace Corps!)  And for the first time, AB 540-eligible Dreamers will be eligible to serve in a state service program!


CaliforniansForAll College Corps


The initiative has three core goals:

Goal 1: Engage college students in meaningful service opportunities that build leadership skills and civic responsibility.

Goal 2: Help students from diverse backgrounds graduate college on time and with less debt.

Goal 3: Support the work of community-based organizations focused on key local priorities.


To ensure the opportunity is accessible to all, College Corps Fellows will receive $10,000 – including a stipend and an Education Award.

We’re looking forward to doing big things together via the Impact Suite!

PS: Here’s a great article from the New York Times about California’s ambitious service initiatives, including the College Corps.