Welcome to Catholic Charities USA!

We’re excited to announce that Catholic Charities USA is the latest organization to invest in the AmeriCorps Impact Suite.  CCUSA will be using the Impact Suite with its AmeriCorps Peer Navigator program.

About the Program
Military Families and Veterans often have difficulty accessing benefits and assistance because the “system” is so complicated and confusing.  Additionally, those with a military history report feeling misunderstood and unwelcome by mainstream social service organizations which don’t relate to the military culture.  The CCUSA AmeriCorps Peer Navigator program rises to meet these challenges.

– The AmeriCorps Peer Navigator is a veteran or military family member with a deep understanding of the military culture who is able to establish a personal individualized connection and act as a guide through complex systems of care, helping the veteran, military member or family member access benefits and other assistance from the government and/or faith based and community based organizations.

– Military Family/Veteran Peer Navigator is a free program for military members, veterans, and their families to connect to resources in their local community that can help them to meaningfully improve their lives and accomplish their goals.

– The Peer Navigators focus on whole-person/family, and help meet basic needs, mental and physical health, community integration, and career development needs.