Welcome to Reading Assist Institute!

We’re excited to announce that Reading Assist Institute in Delaware is among the latest organizations to invest in the AmeriCorps Impact Suite.  RAI will use the Impact Suite with its new AmeriCorps program, RAI Reading Corps, beginning this fall.

RAI’s tutors work directly inside the schools with students with reading difficulties, usually in 1st through 3rd grades.  The organization focuses on the “mechanics of reading” with students who struggle to connect letters and their related sounds — ultimately impairing their ability to decode words and to read fluently.  Reading difficulties like these affect about 20 percent of all students in any classroom.

For the past 25 years, RAI tutors have been serving in schools using the organization’s proprietary RAPS program.  And it works. More than 84% of 2nd graders increase their fluency rate after going through RAPS, helping them close the reading achievement gap.