Welcome to Delta Reads Plus!

We’re thrilled to welcome Delta State University’s new Delta Reads Plus effort to the community of organizations using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite.

Housed at the University’s Center for Community and Economic Development, Delta Reads Plus will be providing essential one-on-one tutoring to students across five counties.

“Delta Reads Plus is great news for both DSU and the local schools because some schools in the Mississippi Delta are facing low student achievement due to a perpetual lack of support and the economic disadvantages persistent in the area,” said David Tanner with the CCED. “Having AmeriCorps serve as tutors in these areas is a great way of leveraging resources and enhancing student achievement. DSU has a longstanding partnership with K-12 schools throughout the Mississippi Delta region and is committed to helping those schools succeed.”

Delta Reads Plus is the second national service program at the Delta State to use the AmeriCorps Impact Suite.