Welcome to Equality California Institute’s AmeriCorps Program!

We’re thrilled to begin working with the Equality California Mentorship Corps, a program of the Equality California Institute!

Equality California Mentorship Corps will build on the civil rights organization’s Safe and Supportive Schools initiative by deploying trained, culturally competent mentors to California’s third largest school district (Fresno Unified).  By providing additional support to LGBTQ+ students, assisting teachers, counselors and other professionals through a combination of virtual in-class and after-school programs, Equality California Mentorship Corps members will provide Central Valley students the assistance they may need to improve their social and emotional well-being which can significantly reduce depression and improve academic performance and grades.

The Mentorship Corps will be using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite to minimize administrative burdens, ensure compliance with AmeriCorps regulations, and create a data driven culture that leads to students always receiving the best-possible supports.

Equality California Institute works to achieve full, lived LGBTQ+ equality by reducing disparities in LGBTQ+ health and well-being, developing a pipeline of LGBTQ+ leaders and increasing civic participation within the LGBTQ+ community.