Welcome to Legacy Community Health in Houston!

When COVID-19 emerged in the Houston and Beaumont area, Legacy Community Health was at the forefront of the local public health response and was one of the first organizations in the city to provide widely available testing to the community. Legacy serves 130,000 low-income patients regionally, many of whom have limited affordable healthcare options, and the organization has strategically deployed its AmeriCorps program to better serve these vulnerable populations.

Legacy’s AmeriCorps members work with local communities to address social determinants of health—any factors that might impact an individual’s ability to live a healthy life and access quality healthcare. This encompasses a wide range of issues, including food security, housing and utility assistance, and access to transportation and technology to ensure medical appointments are kept. In the wake of the coronavirus, these needs have been magnified and become even more urgent.

We’re thrilled to welcome Legacy’s national service program to the community of AmeriCorps programs using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite for timesheets and electronic member files across Texas and the nation.