Welcome to NYC-based Grand St. Settlement!

Grand Street Settlement is an historic social service institution on the Lower East Side in New York City, and was founded in 1916 in response to the needs of waves of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe who were settling in the area.  Today, Grand Street Settlement focuses on four primary program areas: early childhood, children and youth, adults, and senior citizens.  More than 10,000 community members participate annually in the agency’s programs, which are participant-driven.

Each year, Grand St. Settlement’s AmeriCorps team brings 30+ youth together to lead initiatives and service projects while building job skills and experience.  The team serves at 20 youth sites.

Grand Street is investing in the AmeriCorps Impact Suite so that far more staff time can be directed to mission, and less on AmeriCorps compliance and administrative work (timesheets, member files, and the like).