Welcome to Partners for Education in Kentucky!

Kentucky-based Partners for Education works to ensure that all Appalachian students succeed, pursuing that goal using four interconnected strategies: Lifting Educational Aspirations, Building Academic Skills, Connecting College and Career, and Engaging Families.  To support these strategies, PFE braids services and aligns funding streams — leveraging $42.9 million each year — to optimize results for over 50,000 young people and their families.

PFE’s longstanding AmeriCorps program — a hallmark of national service in Kentucky — uses local talent to meet the needs of the community.  The majority of the program’s members serve in their home community working to lift educational aspirations and build academic skills among the youth of eastern Kentucky.

Specifically, PFE AmeriCorps members provide services in four key categories: mentoring, youth engagement, service learning, and parent partnership.  Members are dedicated to improving student’s educational outcomes by serving as tutors, mentors and family connectors.

We’re grateful to help PFE bring efficiencies to AmeriCorps member files management and timesheet compliance so staff can spend far less time on administrative tasks and far more time focused on mission.