Welcome to CEDAM, the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan!

CEDAM is a nonprofit trade association serving the community economic development (CED) industry in Michigan.  The organization’s members are nonprofit affordable housing developers, Main Street organizations, Community Development Corporations, Community Development Organizations, community foundations, local governments and municipalities as well as many other types of organizations working to ensure their communities are financially empowered, equitable and vibrant.

Each year, CEDAM places up to 30 AmeriCorps members at nonprofits to provide direct and indirect services within their communities.  CEDAM’s AmeriCorps members create community, build capacity, and serve neighbors across Michigan.  The program advances equity for Michiganders by cultivating the next generation of leaders in the community economic development field and by supporting economic inclusion for Michiganders.

After hearing of the success LISC’s AmeriCorps program has had using the Impact Suite for years, CEDAM decided to explore and ultimately adopt the platform to easily manage AmeriCorps member files while easily tracking, reporting, and making use of their performance measurement and impact data.