Welcome to READ USA, Home to One of Florida’s New AmeriCorps Programs!


So thrilled for the opportunity to begin supporting READ USA in Florida as it launches its first-ever AmeriCorps program this month!

In 2019, READ USA piloted a research-backed, peer-to-peer reading tutoring program that trains and pays Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) high school students to tutor struggling elementary school students. During the first summer, over 200 elementary students received daily, intensive one-to-one tutoring focused on reading fluency, phonemic awareness and comprehension skills. These sessions helped prevent summer learning loss and set students up for success when the school year started again.

The reading gains made by both the elementary school and high school students during the pilot program were overwhelming. In addition to reading progress, the teen tutors – many from under-resourced communities – gained valuable workforce development skills and bonded with the students in their care, while being paid a living wage of $15 per hour. Due to the program’s success, READ USA is working with DCPS to expand this program each summer to reach even more high school and elementary school students.

And this month, the organization is launching AmeriCorps Tutor Leaders!  Through the program, AmeriCorps memebrs (all teens) will particpate in literacy tutoring efforts similar to READ’s flagship program, but members will also receive intensive additional training specifically tailored to working with children in our community with the most critical needs.  The program addresses not just the literacy needs of students, but also the workforce development needs of members serving in the program.

READ USA AmeriCorps Members Swearing In

READ USA joins the growing number of AmeriCorps programs in Florida using the Impact Suite to reduce administrative burdens around AmeriCorps compliance (member files, timesheets, and more) so that as much staff energy as possible can go towards mission.  Welcome!