Welcome to the City of San Diego’s READ/San Diego Program!

We’re sending a very warm welcome to the City of San Diego’s READ/San Diego program, the latest California Library Literacy Services grantee to begin using the Student Success Impact Suite to manage and communicate with tutors and learners, to track and report impact, and to constantly learn and make data-informed programming decisions.

READ/SAN Diego provides free literacy instruction service for adults 18 years and older.  The award winning program is looked to as a model for the country.  In San Diego alone, approximately 450,000 adults cannot read and write well enough to meet everyday needs and pursue professional goals.

In addition to providing individual one-on-one tutoring for adults, READ also conducts Families for Literacy.  This program breaks the cycle of intergenerational low-literacy, teaching low-literate parents and caregivers with preschool children the skills they need to be their children’s first and most important teacher.  Families for Literacy also provides age-appropriate books to help families build home libraries — a critical component for improving literacy for the whole family.