Welcome to the Utica Municipal Housing Authority!

So excited to begin working with the national service team at the Municipal Housing Authority of the City of Utica, New York!

Established in 1937, the UMHA was one of the first housing authorities formed in the U.S.  The organization a leader in the housing industry, providing safe, clean and affordable housing opportunities to low income persons, all while promoting self-sufficiency, upward mobility, and customer satisfaction.

The organization’s AmeriCorps program:

  1. Helps veterans (particularly those with opioid, mental health, and substance abuse issues) achieve economic and housing stability;
  2. Assists youth, ex-offenders, and the long-term unemployed with supports to enter or re-enter the workforce;
  3. Teaches financial literacy to lower-income residents; and
  4. Helps homeless individuals gain quality, affordable housing.