Welcome to the Virginia Service and Conservation Corps!

So excited to begin working with the Virginia Service & Conservation Corps!

VSCC is an AmeriCorps program that engages members in meaningful service in Virginia State Parks, providing extensive training and professional development opportunities to its AmeriCorps members.  The program’s focus is on improving public land and providing corps members with experience to grow into careers that support environmental stewardship.

VSCC Career Development Project
Those serving in this project choose either the Resource Management Track or the Park Management Track.  Both tracks offer thorough training to members. The project’s goal is to enable members to succeed in a career focused on the environment.

VSCC Interpretive Trail Project
Members serving in the Interpretive Trail Project focus on interpretation and trail maintenance for a summer. Studying interpretive techniques, members interact, educate and inspire park guests.

While we work with a number of conservation-focused AmeriCorps programs, VSCC is the first we’ve had an opportunity to work with in Virginia.  We’re so excited!