Welcome to Volunteer Delaware & the State’s AmeriCorps Programs!

Volunteer Delaware

It’s always such an honor when a service commission decides to invest in the Impact Suite to help commission staff, AmeriCorps program staff, AmeriCorps members, and site supervisors direct far more energy towards program quality and less time on grant compliance administrative tasks.  As such, we’re thrilled to welcome Volunteer Delaware to the community of service commissions using the Impact Suite nationwide!

Volunteer Delaware will be using the Impact Suite for progress reporting, financial monitoring, and giving its programs a single place to handle AmeriCorps member enrollment, member files, site supervisor files, host site files, and timesheets.  Members will also have access to the new AmeriCorps-compliant timesheet app!  Gone are the days when program staff and commission staff need to spend days and hours on tasks that should take (and will now take) just minutes — like preparing for and handling member file reviews and timesheet desk audits.

We’re excited to deliver for you, Team DE!