Start Your AmeriCorps Members’ Term Off Right: FREE Workshop on September 27th!

Welcome to AmeriCorps Free Workshop

Do you have new members starting this season? Do you want to enhance their start to service? And reinforce what you covered in orientation?

Look no further! We’re thrilled to invite your members to a FREE workshop – Welcome to AmeriCorps – Making the Most of Your Service Term.  This virtual, highly-interactuve event/gameshow is tailored to equip your members with vital knowledge and connections, ensuring a great start to their service journey.

What will they learn?

  • National Service History:
    Discover the rich legacy of AmeriCorps, dating back to its inception in 1994, and understand how it continues the traditions of influential programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Peace Corps.
  • Structure and Funding:
    Gain valuable insights into AmeriCorps’ federal funding and its association with the Corporation for National and Community Service / AmeriCorps the Agency. Learn about the various branches, including AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps NCCC, and AmeriCorps Seniors programs for those over 55.
  • Speaking the National Service Language:
    Become fluent in the National Service glossary, grasping essential terms like “Ed Award,” “Gear,” “Term,” and more. Empower your members to use the correct terminology when describing their commitment periods, positions, and service scope.
  • Prohibited and Unallowable Activities:
    Reinforce what your members already learning in orientation and in their member agreement. Help them grasp the importance of adhering to these restrictions to maintain AmeriCorps’ integrity and mission.
  • Esprit de Corps:
    Foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among your members and help them see that they are part of a national service movement, participating in this workshop alongside members from all over the country.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Empowered Members, Lasting Impact: By sending your AmeriCorps members to this FREE workshop, you’re providing them with the tools they need to maximize their potential and create a meaningful impact on the communities they serve.
  • Retention and Compliance: Equipping your members with a thorough understanding of AmeriCorps history, language, and prohibited activities ensures a higher level of program compliance and success.
  • Increased Program Reputation:
    Showcase your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, elevating your program’s reputation within the AmeriCorps community.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    This workshop provides a unique chance for your members to network with fellow AmeriCorps participants, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Expert Guidance:
    Benefit from the expertise of Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom, an AmeriCorps alumna with a wealth of experience in volunteer management and national service.

Free Registration:

As dedicated program staff, you can invest in your members’ development through this FREE workshop.  Secure tickets for your members now for September 27th at 11 AM Pacific / 1 Central / 2 Eastern

Together, let’s amplify the impact of AmeriCorps service and build the next generation of service leaders.