Kentucky Campus Compact’s AmeriCorps VISTA Program Switches to the Impact Suite!

Kentucky Campus Compact

Last year, Kentucky Campus Compact moved its data management and AmeriCorps compliance efforts to our Impact Suite platform.  With a year of experience under its belt, the KyCC is moving its growing VISTA program to the Impact Suite.

KyCC VISTA was launched to answer the call for growing AmeriCorps VISTA’s presence in Kentucky. Through AmeriCorps VISTA, Kentucky Campus Compact is expanding its reach and placing over 50 VISTA members in member colleges, universities , and nonprofit organizations that are working to combat poverty.

KyCC VISTA members achieve AmeriCorps’ anti-poverty goals through indirect service activities in the areas of economic development and opportunity, organizational capacity building, Pre-Kindergarten to post-secondary educational programming, nutritional and community health awareness, leadership development, and assisting veteran and military families.

How the Organization’s VISTA Program Will Use the Impact Suite
KyCC VISTA will be making use of each aspect of the Impact Suite:

  • Simplifying VISTA member enrollment and file management;
  • Managing timesheets, personal leave tracking and medical leave tracking;
  • Simply tracking whole-program impact and individual, VAD-level impact
  • Reporting impact to AmeriCorps and other stakeholders
  • Telling the most powerful story possible about its program to secure additional funding to fuel the program’s growth
  • Building a thriving learning community among VISTAs past and present
  • Making sure VISTAs, supervisors and program staff are always on the same page

Campus Compact’s national flagship chapter and other Campus Compact state-level affiliates are using the Impact Suite for their AmeriCorps programming as well.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support KyCC as it answers the call for a greater VISTA presence in Kentucky.  Welcome!