Overbrook School for the Blind Chooses the Impact Suite for its New AmeriCorps Program!

Overbrook School for the Blind

Overbrook School for the Blind in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is adopting the Impact Suite platform to manage its new AmeriCorps program. The Impact Suite is a one-stop-shop for managing all of an organization’s AmeriCorps member files and timesheets while also helping programs track impact, communicate with their people, build a thriving learning community, simplify audits and compliance activities, and really use data throughout the year to strengthen programming.

About the Program
The Overbrook AmeriCorps Program is designed to improve the workforce readiness of 45 blind or visually impaired Pennsylvanians.  Individuals will be served virtually throughout the state.  The program also includes a mentorship component, where AmeriCorps members will be paired with experienced professionals in their field.

America Learns is working hand-in-hand with OBS staff to ensure that the Impact Suite — both the web-based version and the mobile app — is completely accessible for individuals with visual impairments.  This work, which will be completed later this month, will make the Impact Suite the only AmeriCorps-aligned platform that is fully accessible to people with varying levels of blindness.