Welcome to LearningQuest – Stanislaus Literacy Centers!


LearningQuest – Stanislaus Literacy Centers in California is a full-service adult literacy agency that empowers adults through educational services and improves self-reliance for the family.  The organization is adopting the Impact Suite for its family literacy programming to help staff to spend far less time on administrative tasks and far more time focused on service delivery and family outcomes.

The family literacy program at LearningQuest provides support to parents and their children who are struggling with literacy. The program offers a variety of services, including:

  • Parent education: Parents learn about literacy development and how to help their children succeed in school.
  • Child education: Children receive one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction.
  • Family activities: Families participate in activities that promote literacy and bonding.

Prior to adopting America Learns’ SaaS Impact Suite, LearningQuest was using a different system to track data for its family literacy program. This system was difficult to use and did not provide LearningQuest with the insights it needed to regularly improve programming.

With the Impact Suite, LearningQuest now has a single platform that can be used to manage all aspects of its family literacy program. This includes:

  • Family enrollment and communications
  • Impact tracking
  • Reporting to funders and stakeholders
  • Sharing powerful stories of the program’s short-, medium-, and long-term outcomes

We’re feeling so grateful that LearningQuest has decided to use the Impact Suite to streamline its family literacy program’s data management efforts.  Welcome!