Campus Compact’s Two New AmeriCorps Programs are Using the Impact Suite

Campus Compact

Last year, Campus Compact transitioned its AmeriCorps*VISTA program’s data system to the Impact Suite.  With a year of success under the belt, Campus Compact is rolling out the Impact Suite to help manage and scale two new programs: the College Renaissance Corps and the Campus Climate Action Corps.

College Renaissance Corps is focused on leveraging the power of community colleges to enhance educational and economic mobility in historically underserved communities. The program will engage community college students as near-peer ambassadors to encourage potential students to enroll in key fields of study in high-growth, high-demand industries and expand competencies and skills as civic professionals.  The CRCorps program will launch in two markets—Denver and Houston—in partnership with leading community colleges and the Texas and Colorado service commissions.  Lean more!

The Campus Climate Action Corps (CCAC) Project aims to build the capacity of campuses and their community partners to create change that leads to increased energy efficiency and improvements for at-risk ecosystems by implementing local solutions for underserved households and communities.  CCAC will begin with an initial launch in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. In these regions, teams of CCAC AmeriCorps Members will host community environmental education events, conduct home energy assessments, including home energy assistance referrals, and implement low-tech home energy interventions to help advance public knowledge and increase motivation to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. CCAC Members will also implement projects in underserved communities that enhance ecosystem health and leverage local volunteers to support CCAC environmental stewardship activities.  Learn more!

We’re so grateful to be Campus Compact’s partner for AmeriCorps member enrollment, files, timesheets, impact tracking, and of course, using all of this information to not just stay compliant with grant requirements, but to keep getting better.  Welcome!