AmeriCorps Financial Reporting by America Learns

For nearly 15 years, state service commissions have been asking us to create a simpler, smarter AmeriCorps financial reporting system.  Products available on the market, we were told, were clunky, slow, required too much manual spot-checking, and demanded the use of far too many Excel files (yes, people had to use Excel files to manage web-based reporting platforms!).

Even with those years of requests, we shied away from building a financial reporting solution.  We felt that doing so would not only be classic mission creep; but that, as a smaller business at the time, doing so would drain resources from other sides of our practice.

As time has marched on our business has grown, commissions using other platforms continued to come to us, asking if we had an alternative to what’s on the market.

Last year, with our AmeriCorps-focused practice continuing to grow, we decided that it was time to build a truly simple, fast, easy-to-use AmeriCorps financial reporting system — and to do so while continuing to invest heavily in other sides of our platform.

The AmeriCorps financial reporting system launched earlier this month, and with that launch, two service commissions are already using it — Serve Idaho and the Kansas Volunteer Commission.  Each of those commissions turned to us from other web-based platforms, after finding those platforms to be complicated and clunky.

Are you with a service commission that is seeking to make this side of life better for both your team and your AmeriCorps subgrantees?  Let’s connect.