Welcome to the AmeriCorps Lunchtime Mentoring Program!

We’re so excited to welcome the AmeriCorps Lunchtime Mentoring Program to the community of national service programs using the Impact Suite!

Led by United Way of United Way of Franklin & Benton Counties in the state of Washington, the program’s AmeriCorps members coordinate a lunchtime mentoring program at their assigned local middle school. This includes recruiting mentors from the local community, hosting mentor trainings, coordinating matches between mentors and students, monitoring program progress, and addressing scheduling, communication, and training needs as they arise. AmeriCorps members also coordinate with school leadership to provide targeted academic and social-emotional support to students.

The program decided it was time to adopt a web-based platform to manage AmeriCorps member files and timesheets (as opposed to using paper) as the program is growing its member numbers and while staff are working from home more often.

More than 10 other United Way affiliates use the Impact Suite nationwide.  Welcome to the community!