Bridging Wellness and Compliance: Walker Therapeutic’s New AmeriCorps Program Chooses the Impact Suite


Walker Therapeutic & Educational Programs has unveiled its latest endeavor, the Walker Wellness Coach Project, a new Massachusetts-based initiative designed to meet the increasing behavioral health needs of middle and high school youth through an expanded pipeline of behavioral health professionals.​​​​​​​

Introducing the Walker Wellness Coach Project
Once placed at their schools, up to 20 AmeriCorps members (coaches) will employ evidence-informed strategies, tailored to students’ unique circumstances and needs, to inspire positive behavioral change, promote self-care practices, and foster long-term healthy habits. Coaches may assist students, via individual or group sessions and/or psychoeducational workshops, with developing prosocial skills that address issues such as anxiety, social isolation, feelings of hopelessness, and unhealthy sleep, eating, and screentime patterns.

Achieving Compliance with the Impact Suite SaaS Platform
In pursuit of operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, Walker has decided to adopt the Impact Suite in the program’s first year, ensuring accurate management of AmeriCorps timesheets and member files while dedicating more time to their core mission.

A Shared Vision for Positive Change
The collaboration between Walker and America Learns exemplifies a joint dedication to fostering positive change. The Impact Suite is desinged to empower even the smallest AmeriCorps programs with capacity to easily navigate intricate compliance requirements while focusing as much energy as posisble on mission.