Homewood Children’s Village Adopts the Impact Suite to Streamline its AmeriCorps Program

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Pennsylvania-based Homewood Children’s Village has adopted the Impact Suite platform to streamline its AmeriCorps program’s grant compliance, data collection, and data-use efforts.

HCV AmeriCorps is an 11-month service program where AmeriCorps members are placed in education settings with youth in Homewood.  AmeriCorps members provide academic support to students ranging from K-12 and connect them with engaging activities after school.  The presence of AmeriCorps Members in schools, out-of-school-time programs and in the community helps provide positive social reinforcement for students, increases engagement with learning, and connects children and families to programs and supports in the community.

Prior to adopting America Learns’ SaaS Impact Suite, Homewood Children’s Village was using a combination of spreadsheets, paper, and clunky web-based systems to track AmeriCorps member HR files, timesheets, and youth progress data. This made it time-consuming to manage the program effectively and to track the impact of AmeriCorps members’ work.

With the Impact Suite, Homewood Children’s Village now has a single platform that can be used to manage multiple aspects of its AmeriCorps program. This includes:

  • HR files: From enrollment documents to performance evaluations to t-shirt sizes, the Impact Suite gives HCV AmeriCorps staff the flexibility to collect what’s needed for AmeriCorps and what the organization needs in each file.
  • Timesheets: AmeriCorps members can easily track their hours worked and submit timesheets through the mobile-friendly Impact Suite web service and/or the mobile app.
  • Youth tracking data: AmeriCorps members will have a simple place to report and reflect on their service experiences, helping HCV staff use real-time data to inform how to best serve each child and each AmeriCorps member.