Coming Soon: AmeriCorps App Happiness

That’s right, the first-ever app made just for AmeriCorps compliance is en route for a summer 2021 landing!

We’re not posting many details publically yet; but, to say the least, your AmeriCorps members are about to get back so much time when it comes to filling out timesheets, and the likelihood of you ever having to chase down members to complete their sheets is about to hit zero or near-zero.

We’re developing the app so that it’s easy and friendly for all AmeriCorps members.  On our design team are members ranging in age from their 20s on up, members spanning the rainbow of abilities, and members with various degrees of comfort with technology.  The app is even friendly for conservation corps programs where members aren’t often connected to the Internet.

Want a preview?  Sign up for any AmeriCorps Impact Suite tour and you’ll be able to demo the app.