eGrants Modernization: Collecting Applications from New and Existing Subgrantees

AmeriCorps’ eGrants modernization effort is exciting in many ways, and slightly terrifying in other ways — mostly because the field isn’t yet 100% sure of all the functionality that will exist on the new platform.  Will it have Feature X?  Feature Y?

What’s become pretty clear is that the new eGrants will not give service commissions a simple way to collect and manage applications from subgrantees — functionality that has existed in the current eGrants platform for years and that commissions rely heavily upon (especially for Formula applications).

So what’s the solution gonna be?  There’s gotta be a better alternative to Word docs, Excel files, Google Drive forms, and the like.  And there’s gotta be an alternative to super-pricey grant application management systems.

We’re thrilled to share that the Impact Suite platform comes ready-made with functionality to handle service commissions’ application needs!  And there’s no extra charge for the module when a commission is using at least one other portion of the Impact Suite platform.

If you’re with a commission and are hunting for an application management platform, connect with us for a demo of just that module or of other parts of the commission-focused side of the Impact Suite platform:

  • Financial reporting & financial monitoring
  • Grantee progress reporting (GPRs)
  • Remotely auditing timesheets
  • Remotely auditing member files and host site files (such as MOUs)
  • Remotely auditing communcations records between subgrantee/program staff and members
  • Easily communicating with program staff by e-mail and text
  • One-on-one, complete implementation and change management consulting