Welcome to the Epilepsy Foundation of New England!

Public Health AmeriCorps, a partnership between AmeriCorps and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, supports the recruitment, training, and development of a new generation of public health leaders.

Supported by that funding, Epilepsy Foundation of New England — which has run a state-based AmeriCorps program for some time — is now scaling its work across five states (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine).  Leveraging the skills and experience of up to 56 AmeriCorps Community Health Workers, members will provide a customized approach to people living with epilepsy to improve the quality of their lives through guided care management.

As the Foundation kicks off its first year with this new funding and expanded scope, we’re thrilled to welcome its team to the growing community of public health-focused organizations leveraging all aspects of the Impact Suite nationwide — from AmeriCorps timesheets and member files compliance to impact tracking, communications, and making sure members are constantly sharing with and learning from one another.