Welcome to The Wild Center in New York!

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The Wild Center is an incredibly unique and innovative institution that aims to ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks, where people and nature can thrive together and offer an example for the world.  Their AmeriCorps program, which is launching this year, is a key part of their mission to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds on their campus and throughout their community. The AmeriCorps members serve as interpreters, educators, animal handlers, climate activists, and community scientists, providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities for students in the area’s schools.

As a new AmeriCorps grantee, The Wild Center had to figure out ideal processes for staying compliant with the grant requirements, such as tracking timesheets and managing AmeriCorps member enrollment and files.  Center staff also wanted to use data to inform their decisions, enhance their practices, and tell their story. That’s why they chose the Impact Suite, a web-based platform that simplifies and streamlines all these tasks in one place.

With the Impact Suite, The Wild Center can easily and efficiently:

• Collect and approve timesheets from AmeriCorps members using a mobile app or a web browser.

• Store and access all the documents and information related to AmeriCorps members in a secure and organized way.

• Design and administer surveys, assessments, and feedback forms to measure the outcomes and impacts of their programs.

• Collect pictures, videos and other media for social media campaigns and fund development efforts.

• Analyze and visualize the data collected from various sources.

• Create and share compelling stories that showcase their achievements and challenges.

• Build the program’s institutional memory of which service strategies work best, making sure those resources are available to current and future corps members.

• Stay connected with AmeriCorps members, students, and teachers.

By using the Impact Suite, The Wild Center will be saving time, money, and energy that would otherwise be spent on tedious administrative tasks — time that just doesn’t exist when launching a new national service program.  They can also focus more on delivering high-quality programs that make a difference in people’s lives and the environment.

What an honor to partner with The Wild Center in its journey to create a more sustainable and thriving world.  We look forward to supporting them in achieving their goals and celebrating their successes, along with the 10+ other AmeriCorps programs we’re fortunate to serve across New York.  Welcome!